Interaccount Transfers

I have a cash account and a bank account. When i transfer money from cash account to bank account using inter account transfer, it deducts from cash account but is not visible in bank account. I have also cleared and selected the date also.

Can you post a screen shot of an inter account transfer that gives you trouble? I suspect the bank account has been improperly selected.


I only have one cash account and one bank account.

Has this only occurred once with the displayed Inter Account Transfer or does this always occur ?
Under the Summary tab > Equity section do you have a “Suspense” account listed and if yes, does it contain the bank account leg of the transaction ?

If it is only just this once and in case it is just a processing glitch - you could try deleting this Inter Account Transfer transaction and then re-enter it.

Based on the fact that your bank account came up as an option for the Received in field on the inter account transfer, it was properly set up. Assuming there is nothing related to this transaction in Suspense, I think you are just looking in the wrong place. (@Brucanna’s idea about looking in Suspense was also based on the possibility that something was incorrect with your transaction entry.)

Go to the Bank Accounts tab. Click on the blue Cleared balance amount for the bank account where you say this transfer is not showing up. Is there no transaction listed for 07/18/2018 corresponding to this one? You should have a 4,300 AED amount showing for that date, with a Description of Transfer from Petty Cash.

If you have been looking for the deposit leg of the transfer under Bank Transactions, you won’t find it there, because it is listed under Inter Account Transfers and is not considered an ordinary bank transaction.

Thanks Tut, The details are visible today. I guess it took some time to update or i was looking at the bank transactions instead of the bank account.