Reconciling Bank account?

I am having a problem with reconciling bank account in Manager.
First problem was that all listed items matched my bank statement but Manager was showing as unreconciled ??
I tried another month and it would not reconcile either as it was not showing a transfer between accounts in the reconcile page but it was showing in inter account transfers.
I went out and rechecked and when I went back in the page was then showing all of the last months transactions and non of the current months even tho it was dated as the current month and I have just been on the page and checked off bank statement.
Is anyone else having issues ? I am using the free download desktop version. I have only been using it for a few months still learning how to use it and was happy before but this has put me off. As I am now concerned my other totals are going to be off when I generate reports.
I was a Myob user for the last 10 years in my old business, but now with a new micro business I was looking for a more affordable book keeping option. Thank you

No one is having trouble with the Bank reconciliation module.

You need to check the following

  1. You need to check and be sure all cleared transactions have been given a correct clear date.
  2. All Transactions have been dated correctly.
  3. The correct bank accounts have been selected for all transactions (Payments, Receipts, and Inter-Account transfers.
  4. Ending Bank balances have been correctly entered.

If you haven’t checked the guides please do Reconcile bank accounts | Manager
and Track cleared and pending status of bank transactions | Manager

I’m 100% positive that if you get these correct, your bank accounts will reconcile.

HI Abeiku I have check over everything and nothing has worked. Even did every individual transaction again. Deleted the reconciliation I had tried closed out and tried again.

Send a backup of your business and bank statement to

Thank you Abeiku I have just forwarded a email thank you

Your account has been reconciled. You will receive an email with the business file and other details shortly.

Transactions were not completely reconciled. You must select a cleared date after changing the status of a transaction to ‘cleared’.

The closing balance had not been correctly captured and the beginning balance of your bank account had not been correctly entered.