Transfers not showing in Bank Statement

When I make a transfer between two bank accounts the transaction does not show in the receiving bank account statement. So I cannot reconcile that account. It appears in all other reports.

By stating “bank account statement” it is unclear if you mean the receiving Bank Account within Manager or the Statement you receive from the bank.

So can you please clarify

  1. “When I make a transfer between two bank accounts” - Using bank transfer within Manager?
  2. “does not show in the receiving bank account statement” - Receiving bank account within Manager?

Both of these problems are within Manager,so answer is yes to 1 & 2

Ok, so when you go to the paying bank via the Bank tab, the transfer transaction is listed but for the receiving bank its not listed - correct.
I am assuming that you have doubled checked that the bank transfer receiving bank is correct.
When you write “It appears in all other reports” Which reports are you referring to?
Do you have other Bank accounts besides these two and have they all been reconciled?
Maybe you could do some screen shots of the transfer, account and reports

Does the transfer show as cleared? Or is it still in the Uncleared Deposits column? It won’t show in the statement balance until cleared.

Great !!! I cleared the transfers and they now appear on the statement. Thank you.
I am new to this program and so far I am very impressed. I have’nt upgraded my accounts software for 18 years so it’s a very steep learning curve !!
Thanks for your help

Read all the Guides. They will help. And you might create a test company to play around with so you don’t corrupt your actual records while learning the program.

Thanks. I’m really getting the hang of it, It’s just the fine tuning to get the results I want.