Bank reconciliations & cleared transactions

I’m struggling to understand how bank reconciliation works in Manager ( I’m accustomed to other software where reconciliation usually involves entering a statement date and balance, then marking transactions as “cleared” and verifying that the totals match. Unless I’m doing something wrong (very possible) it seems like a reconciliation cannot be finalized in Manager unless all of the transactions prior to the statement date are included on the statement.

I included a screenshot of a common situation. The charge of 36.63 on Jan 8 is dated prior to the statement, but due to processing delays or whatever it wasn’t included on the statement dated Jan 9. This happens very frequently with checks; they are often on the books for weeks before being cashed. How do I complete reconciliation in this situation?

I see references in the guides and forum to setting the status of a transaction to “cleared,” but I don’t know how to do this. Some posts have mentioned that it’s on the Edit Payment screen but I don’t see it there. From the guide on Reconcile Bank Accounts:
“… edit transaction to set status to Cleared and specify date when transaction has appeared on your bank statement.”

What am I missing?

First make sure that you have this box checked (ticked) in bank account set-up.
Then in the Payment edit screen choose “on a late date” and then enter date item was cleared.

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Thanks for the tip! That solved my problem.