Inter Account transfer does not appear in payments

i did inter account transfer last month on the 28/3/2019 and it appeared in the receipt/payment. NOW it not there since update.

in the first screenshot, did you actually enter it as an inter-account transfer? looks like you just entered it as a payment by selecting Petty Cash under the Payee field.

anyway, read the guide Transfer money between bank and cash accounts | Manager
specifically the last part of the guide.

The edit screenshot shows ‘Pending’. Try changing it to ’ cleared’

A pending movement does not display. Secondly you should search for it under bank or cash account. Not under receipts or payments.

i did have cleared, i thought it might have to through pending again. just checked it is stamped cleared on on the same day…

i orginally had could see it under receipt and payment because i had it everything balanced.
i have made payment for $411, which $211 paid expenses and is listed under receipt - payments page and i did adjustment (screen shot) from chq to petty cash to setup petty cash account of $200. under petty cash $200 does appear but $200 (inter account transfer does not appear under chq (receipt- payments page) as screen shot. This was perfect last week, then i did update two days ago and now $200 is missing from payment so i cant clear the bank statement of $411. as test i did another inter account transfer, they do not appear under receipt -payment page at all now. changes have been made, so now adjustment don’t appear. any more on that page. WHY. receipt and payment is the only page i can clear bank statements

@omickymouse, inter account transfers have never shown under the Receipts & Payments tab. If you think they did, you are remembering incorrectly. Where they do show, and always have shown, is when you drill down on a bank or cash account’s balance in the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs.

This statement is not at all clear. If the $200 you refer to was an inter account transfer, you should not expect it to show in Receipts & Payments.

What are you referring to as an “adjustment?” There is no such transaction type in Manager.

You need to explain exactly what you have done and why you think Manager is making errors. I can assure you, however, the inter account transfer feature works perfectly and has from the time it was first introduced. So you are either making entry errors or misunderstanding what the program is designed to do. Be sure you have read this Guide: