Transfer file between Windows and Mac

I’m using the desktop version.
I seem to be able to transfer my file - via Backup - from Mac to Windows but not the other way round. Is this the way it is?
I really need to take accounts work home and re-load the file when back at work.
Can anyone help?

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Manager files are fully compatible between platforms.

I keep my files in a folder inside Dropbox that are accessible from Windows 10 at work and Mac OS at home. (You can’t work on these files at the same time because of conflicts).

Just be sure you use same version of Manager in both machines. Change the files directory under Menu/About Manager/Application data.

Thank you Ntrim, that seems a good idea. I assume you mean to enter the address in ‘About Manager > Application Data’ - is that right?
I’m not sure what to type as the address. Would it be the link to the folder that Dropbox gives you?

That’s correct. You have to type there the folder path that contains your Manager files
e.g. on Mac the path will be: /Users/your_Home_Folder/Dropbox/Manager Files.

Create a Folder named e.g. Manager Files inside your Dropbox folder in Finder and Get Info from finder’s File Menu for this folder (keyboard shortcut command+I) and copy the path (-> Where:file_path) and paste it in Manager’s /Application Data. Close Manager, copy your files inside this folder and reopen Manager.

Do something similar to the Windows side and you ready to go. Your files will be synchronized from now on. Of course, this method requires internet connection.

@Penelope, you can transfer between Mac and Windows both ways. You just need to make sure you are on the latest version on both computers.

I suspect your Windows version is newer, that’s why you are able to transfer from Mac to Windows but not the other way around.

Upgrading Manager on your Mac will solve the issue.

Thank you Lubos - that sorted it out. However, the Windows version has updated again and so they are out if sync again :wink:

Thanks for the detailed instructions.
True you have to have internet connection but on the plus side there’s no risk of getting your backed up versions in a mix and loading an old copy.

Whenever there is a newer Manager Windows version such as v21.7.28 then there are always similar new versions v21.7.28 for macOS and other platforms. See Download | Manager