Keep Manager Data in Dropbox and Access from Mac and Linux


I’m considering using Manager. Can I put the data file in a Dropbox folder and have both my Mac and Linux boxes access the same data file?

In other words, I want to access the same data, sometimes from Linux using Manager and sometimes from a Mac using Manager.


Click About Manager. You will Application Data data field which shows in which folder Manager stores your data. You can change the path and point it to your Dropbox folder.

Just be careful not to use Manager on both computers at the same time (and don’t use Manager when Dropbox is offline). Dropbox can synchronize files only on file-level, it means you could start having conflicted copies. See Dropbox faq -

Generally we don’t recommend this setup but if you are careful, it can work.


I have a couple of remarks to make on this as I have used this method myself.

Firstly, after setting the path in Application Data, immediately close Manager and re-start or it won’t appear to save the path.

Secondly, make sure that if you upgrade to a newer version, you update all other computers to the new version too otherwise you’ll find that once the data has been opened and closed on the newest version the older version will not always be able to open the database, it’ll just show you a bunch of errors.


@Rob and @lubos. Thanks so much for the really helpful replies. I look forward to setting this up according to your suggestions.