Using MacBook & Microsoft Windows

Can I operate the same account/business on Manager? I currently use Manager Desktop on MacBook Pro but would also like to be able to use the same account on Microsoft Windows.

  1. Down load Manager for windows and install in on you Windows computer.

  2. Backup your your business on your Mac

  3. Copy the back up to your Windows computer

  4. Import the backup into your windows version of Manager

  5. Remember to enter new data into only one of the Manager data files (you can copy it back and revert to the other computer but not merge changes from both computers)

Also remember to update Manager on Mac at the same version of Windows

Better if he uses a network folder or a cloud folder

I missed his “also” on a second computer and gave instructions to “instead” uses it on his Windows machine.

For Manager multi-user access, from the comparison table you need buy a cloud/server licence, transfer your data file to that, then you can access it from as many computers as you want.

Alternatively you can try moving your data file to a location accessible by both computers, keep both computers at the same version, and ensure you only access the Manager data file from one computer only at a time.

Many thanks you’ve been really helpful, I guess at some point I should use the Cloud edition.

Many thanks really helpful, think I will have to use the Cloud version at some point.