Transferring Specific Files Only Between Computers

Is it possible for me to transfer specific files only between computers using the back-up function or is it only possible for entire business folders? For instance, I assist my husband in his business by capturing his income, expenses and other accounting transactions. He uses Manager essentially for his quotes and invoices. I would like to work in Manager on my computer and he on his computer but be able to add/merge the Manager data for the business from my computer to the data on his computer when I do his month ends. Is this possible or will it over write all of the info on his Manager program?

You cannot overwrite data in Manager except by logging into a business accessible on that computer and proactively editing it. You also cannot merge data from two sources on one business.

Every business in Manager is a totally separate, self-contained data file that includes all transactions, reports, themes, and attachments.

So, while you can use a backup to transfer a business, that business will be a new entity when imported to another installation of Manager. You don’t replace businesses. You only add or remove them. See this Guide for more detail: Manager Cloud,

Thank you.

If you use an internet service like Dropbox, then you can both update Manager without transferring backups between computers. The only limitation being, that you both can’t be accessing Manager at the same time. So while you are doing his month end, he can’t have Manager open, and when either of you open Manger after the other you need to allow Manager to sync (update) before opening.

This is common practice for people who use Manger at the office and at home but on different computers.

Thank you so much! So would I install Manager in my Dropbox and work on it within the Dropbox folder?

You can. There is a Guide telling you how to do that: Manager Cloud.