Tracking non-billable expenses per customer and/or invoice?

First - THANK YOU FOR THIS SOFTWARE! It’s absolutely amazing, easy to use, and I love it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have one question that I haven’t been able to find in the guide or forum. (It’s probably been asked; I just can’t find it. lol.)

For my business, I typically work with customers by the “project.” This software is wonderful in that I can give each customer a quote and invoice (i.e., project), and track billable time & expenses.

HOWEVER… I’d like to be able to track NON-billable expenses and/or time as spent per project.

For example…

If I want to track how many cans of paint I had to purchase to finish the project for Customer A, even though I’m not directly billing Customer A for those cans of paint, how would I do this?

I’ve found where I can add a custom field to the expense, but I’m not sure how I can link that back to the specific customer. Better yet, to the specific invoice.

This is really an internal tracking measure for myself, to make sure I’m not spending more than I’m collecting for each project.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Job Costing would be the feature you are looking for, not currently in Manager but I understand that it is a proposed development. Meanwhile you could just use a Project Card to track those items. Alternatively, check out the tracking codes feature which is for business departments but could possibly be adopted for projects. Manager Cloud

Until the job-costing capability comes online, you might get what you need through a simple trick. Enter a job code in the description of everything you buy for a job (perhaps something simple like SMTH for work at the Smith house and ACME for supplies to paint the ACME Distributing building). Then, after drilling down from the Summary to the Supplies account ledger, do a search for the specific code. Every purchase that has that code anywhere in the transaction record will come up.

Thank you both for your help!

@Brucanna, what is a “Project Card”? I don’t see that in the documentation anywhere. Thanks!

That is not a feature of Manager.

A Project Card (stationery Item) is a way of manually recording both billable expenses/time and non-billable expenses/time for a project. This source document can be used to double check your invoicing. .

@lubos @Tut ,

Just following up on this thread, and wondering if “Job Costing” was added?

This is still a big issue for my business, and one that I haven’t sufficiently solved.

Alternatively, is there a better work-around than the “code” trick @Tut described?

(I know many new features have been installed in the past year - THANK YOU MANAGER! - so I wasn’t sure if there was a better option.)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Not jet but its #2 on the roadmap

Thanks @Brucanna! I will keep looking for the new features. :slight_smile: