This is a list of features which are going to be implemented in Manager in upcoming weeks or months. Features are sorted in order in which they are most likely going to be implemented.

Audit trail

For cloud edition and server edition it’s important to see what users accessing the system are doing.

Job costing

Currently, if you need to measure profitability by job, you can use Tracking codes concept. However tracking codes are more appropriate for divisions rather than short-lived jobs. New tab Jobs will allow you to create jobs and assign costs to them.


There is no budgeting capability. It will be possible to set up budgets and then generate comparative reports which will compare actual figures to budgeted figures.

Custom reports

Custom reports are being improved but there is no documentation for schema.

Upload scanned copy and attach supplier invoice to journal entry
Does anyone know any workaround
Remove paid in full & adjust payments to specific bills
New Features
Foreign Exchange function and custom currency
Packing slip
Project-based accounting
Custom Reports
Automatization and scanning invoices of external parties
Budget reports
Detailed list of Cloud Funcionalitis & reports
Delivery date of purchase and sales orders
Variable dropdown custom field
Where is tracking and job costing
Improvements for purchase invoices
Support for attachments
Financial plan template
Job Accounting
Product feature questions
Has the ability to attach files to purchase invoices been implemented yet
Budget and variance
Multiple inventory location
Document storage
Linking Supplier invoice with Customer Invoice
Linking Supplier invoice with Customer Invoice
Workaround needed: Transfer Inventory Item Quantities Between SKUs
Deleted invoices and users
Projects Management
Track the user who edited or accidentaly deleted an Invoice in Manager
Creation of Custom Reports as provided for in the Reports Menu
Two-step authentication
Tracking non-billable expenses per customer and/or invoice?
How to customize the Dashboard to have some graphics
Stock Take
Inventory Product Pictures
Still no cheque printing?
Daily purchase invoice
Multiple warehouse
Audit Trail Implementation
Delivery Notes should be able to be handled with invoices