New feature Request - project tracking

first I would like to thanks the developers for the for the great accounting software “Manager”, you’re doing a great Job really .
in many times we need to organize our Purchase, sales, expenses, invoices, under one main project to easy track every thing for this project . there may be a lot of sales order from one customer and many purchase orders from more than one vendor for the same project. if this feature added to Manager it will be great step .
below is a basic diagram for what I mean .
many thanks

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There are tools existing in Manager to do this:

You can use tracking codes : Use tracking codes | Manager to track all revenues and expenses of a project.

You can use custom fields to link sales orders to projects : Use custom fields | Manager

If the custom fields are designed well, they can flow from sales quotes to sales invoices if you use the Copy to function Use the Copy to function | Manager

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Yours is also not a new request. This has been discussed many times on the forum. Please search the forum before starting new topics.

sorry if duplicated , You can delete this topic.