Job Costing Ability

I run a video production company and recently switched to your software from QB. I love it so far. Especially once I figured out the correct way to code my custom theme to allow for subtotaling each section on my invoices. One thing that would be very helpful, and I see it has been on the “To Do” list for a while, is Job Cost tracking. I know you have the tracking codes and I am currently using them to track profitability of employees for profit-based bonuses. Any chance you will have a customer-job capability soon?

Can you share that with me in my inbox please


Kindly share your subtotal solution with me too by personal message. Or you can put here for all to benefit (if you don’t mind). Thanks

Since a couple of people have asked for it, here is my code for subtotals.
I think this could be coded into Manager if the user could create a non-inventory part and choose the type to be ‘subtotal’.
Our industry standard is to group costs by specific phases/departments of a production.
I created these subtotal group titles as a non-inventory part with the first 3 characters of the description being ‘zzz’ for the group title line and the actual subtotal line has the word ‘Subtotal’ in it. When looping through the line items, I created code to search for the ‘zzz’ characters and assign a variable value to accumulate the subtotal amount. The code searches for the ‘Subtotal’ characters to trigger the subtotal output and then reset the subtotal to 0 ready to accumulate the next subtotal amount.

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Great thanks for sharing