Assigning Job Numbers

I do security installation work involving a large number of pieces (cameras, detectors, poles, external subcontract work etc). At the start of a new project I would like to assign a job number (related to a customer). Then I would like to have all expenses and income for that project to have that job number on them. At the end of the project I would like to see everything associated with that project, my expenses, income and hence profit for that job. Also it is useful to look back to a single purchase and to be able to see what job I bought it for.

Is this already possible? Is this something others would find useful? Is it worth putting on a wish list? Is this the same as adding a reference that has been requested in another forum topic?

This feature will be covered by upcoming module which will be called Tracking Codes. This will allow you to create codes for all jobs and then get Profit & Loss statement and other reports per job to see breakdown of income/expenses and profitability per job.

I consider this to be pretty standard part of any accounting software, it is on my list and should be implemented within 2 months in Manager.

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Fantastic. It just gets better and better.

Any news on the release of this function?

Any news on this please?

It’s coming this month.

I’ve been tracking this thread for awhile now, and I’m still really excited to see this module come up because it’s really important for those people who run projects rather than the common sale of goods and services.

I just want to thank you for your commitment to the belief that there should be good UI in everything we do, especially in such complex systems. Keep up the good work, and we all really believe in you!

Also, do let us know what the progress is for this tracking codes module. Send this out in your forum digest please!

The latest version (13.3.21) now contains Tracking Codes module.

How it works:

  1. Go to Settings and click Customize to enable Tracking Codes
  2. Go to Tracking Codes section under Settings and create some tracking codes. If you want to track by location, create list of your locations. If you want to track by job, create list of your jobs. If you want to track by rental property, create list of your rental properties.
  3. When you are recording transaction, you will notice new column Tracking Code which you can now use to tag transactions
  4. Go to Profit & Loss Statement and create new report. You will see you can now select tracking code. If you select tracking code, you will get profit & loss statement filtered by that specific tracking code. This way you can see breakdown of your income/expenses per job, location, rental property etc.

This feature is very new so please start using it and let me know how it should be extended further based on your requirements.

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I just started using Manager and am liking it so far. I was looking for the exact same feature as mentioned in this thread and did what you suggested in enabling tracking codes. I only have one issue that I am facing now and that is after enabling tracking code, I went back to my list of transactions but the tracking code column is only enabled for some transactions. The other transactions, I can see the tracking code column but it is “grey-ed” out and I cannot make any adjustments to the column. Is there something I am missing out here? Or does the tracking code work only under some circumstances?

Tracking codes should be working across all transactions. Could you post screenshot of how is it grayed out?

Here you go.

Tracking codes are only for income and expense accounts. Accounts payable is liability account. There is no point selecting tracking code for liability account because it doesn’t appear on Profit & loss statement.

On mine it’s greyed out as well, but if you click on it, it is enabled and will give you the tracking codes. Maybe it just shouldn’t be grey.

Can I suggest a possible enhancement? (unless I’ve missed something)

When you do a Report/Profit and Loss Statement then select the tracking code, this is useful to see the overall profit and loss but there’s no way to drill down and see what actually makes up the figures. I would have like the ability to select a tracking code, then it list all the Purchase Invoices, and Sales Invoices that make up the totals. Currently, if the figures seem wrong, there’s no way of finding out why.

Thank you so much for clarifying. I have since managed to include the relevant tracking codes for my projects. Seems working well and fine.

Many thanks again!

I think this is good idea. I’ve added this feature into the latest version 14.4.18.

You’re incredible! Thanks

It works very well, and I immediately saw my error in placing income into an expense account!

I wonder if you could do the same on the UK VAT report. It’s easy to just trust the figures and send it off to the government, but to be able to click on each of the figures to find out where they came from would be really useful.

UK VAT report is not yet clickable but Tax Summary and Tax Audit reports are. Check them out, especially Tax Audit which gives you break-down of how tax codes have been allocated across general ledger accounts.

Free manager software working good but still i cant add job to chart of account ,also can i make sub account to expense account, Can i make sub account to tracking code such as Fuel Exp,Wages,Materials,Oil Change itc…