Projects Management


Your software is great! I wish you can add Projects Management Module… or at least you can do something to make a report on a particular projects with the following specification;

Client Name
Project Description
Date Start / Date Finish
Price of Projects (As per contract)
Estimate cost of Projects
Actual Cost of Projects (Cash Breakdown)

To emphasize the Income and expenses of a particular projects in a report…

It is coming, in unknown form: Roadmap.

Any update about project management modules?

is any progress about this modules “Project management”

How is your progress now?

Yes of course I have every thing on one table
But if they add project management tool
it would be awesome.


Is the project management tool available in any other form - or is it only available with Tracking codes?

Depending on what information you want concerning your projects, you might get it by using custom fields and searching or sorting for them. But if you want the ability to simply track all income and expenses to a project, tracking codes is currently the only method. It is also the only one that gives you a built-in report.

Hi, thank you for the answer.

Is there any tutorial on how to use these tracking codes? I have invoices with tracking codes applied, but I can’t generate the report. It comes out blank.

See the Guide: Use divisions for the Profit and Loss Statement | Manager. Whenever you have such questions, use the search function of the Guides.

What report? The main built-in report that uses tracking codes is the Profit and Loss Statement. A tracking code can be selected for each column:

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.44.05 PM

It depends on the type of project you need to track. I don’t think tracking codes, at least in the current form, can fit project management needs.

Project management needs two dimensions: one is the project itself, the other is the status of the work in progress. Also you have to keep on mind that most of the numbers of a project transit through BS and not P&L so tracking codes are not useful at all.

What you say, @Davide, is of course correct in the fullest sense of project management. But that phrase means different things to different people. Manager really has no suitable means for monitoring work in progress at a detailed level in near real time. And there is no capability for comparing status to budgeted costs and schedules. Tracking codes were not designed for project management, but for divisional accounting. But they are the closest thing Manager has to a project management capability, limited as they may be. For some purposes, they are adequate.

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Yes they are. But… there are many things to keep track through project management not only accrual costs and revenues.

Typically a project is characterized by a timetable, ie a start, a development and an end; it is also characterized by different contracts (procurements, financings) that concoure to establish a binding budget.

You have to keep track through the time of how much work you have done and it is quite clear that most of the characteristics that you have to map are in the Balance Sheet and not in the P&L. Of course one can force, thanks to the new Custom Reports, tracking codes out of the field of P&L and use them in the Balance Sheet. But you have to keep track of the work in progress and you must use more fantasy using specular values inside the same account of the BS (with different tracking codes) to create some sorts of memo accounts.

It is something strictly related to what was recently discussed in another topic of mine:

So the answer is… yes, you can track projects! But you must know Manager very well and force a lot some instruments to achieve somehow what you need.

@Davide, I think we are in violent agreement. Personally, I would not try to use Manager for project management.