Total in view Journal Entry

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Yes why the total does not appear below the journal entry .

Because there is really no point to a total. You see totals of debits and credits when creating or editing a journal entry as an aid to balancing the entries. But once the journal entry is created, there is no use anywhere in the program for such totals.

For example, suppose you are creating a journal entry distributing Retained earnings to the capital accounts of 5 partners. You have decided to distribute 10,000 in earnings. So you debit Retained earnings by 10,000 and credit individual capital accounts by various amounts, depending on partners’ entitlements under the partnership agreement. The credits may not be equal, but they must total 10,000 to balance the journal entry. Once the journal entry is created, there is no use for a 10,000 total credit anywhere in the program or your accounting records. What matters are the individual partners’ shares of the distribution.

Similarly, suppose you are using a journal entry to write on inventory after a physical count. You have 12 inventory items for which you counted more on hand than your records showed. There is no point to having a total for the 12 debits on the journal entry, because the 12 inventory items are unrelated. That figure will not be used anywhere.

However, the total in view is very important for review on the entry

@Mmf this has been implemented recently. please update Manager.

thank you

Once MANAGER is updated for such changes and after the change DESKTOP version is downloaded. Will the changes reflect in it? or such changes are only for cloud version?

Secondly, can we design our payments and receipts vouchers templates / forms to be used when entering relevant transaction?

the features are common across all edition of Manager except multi-user capability which is not available in desktop edition.

this is not related to the topic. also, you have not provided much information to understand whether you are asking about the design of the entry form or the final document. for the latter you can set any theme of your choice.

The only thing you can control on transaction entry forms is the order of any custom fields, which is controlled with the Position field.