Journal Entry view mode - show debit / credit totals

Hi Sir’s
I have one request for Journal entries.
Can you add summation textbox for debit and credit in the view ?
Also can you put Warning message if the total debtor is not equal with the creditor upon completion of the entry?
Thank you for your support

Both these features are available upon journal transaction entry. Rather than a warning message, you have the remaining difference showing in red to the right of the totals. Read the Guide:

Showing summations in the View would make little sense, because you might have multiple debits and credits, all posted to different accounts.

Thanks Tut for reply but Showing summations in the View is required for auditting by the auditors. Auditors need to see that journals summation is matching or not .

Also top mangment signed the printed ledgers and they want to see if their are any diffrance without calculation

Something similar was done for Account Receivable statements, seems more relevant here.

I too require the same function in printed form as auditor and higher ups require to see the balance between cr and dr. How can we acquire this function for print to show total credit and debit for the journal voucher.

I don’t think there is a way to do that. You can to create actual Transaction (Receipt & Payments) and link it to a Test Account then open the account to see it calculation of Debit, Credit and Balance.

I was hoping Journal Entry will be able to do it. It show on edit area of the total Debit and Credit but it doesn’t show on the View section. It also doesn’t show the running balance either.

Added to the latest version (19.9.25)

While I am minded to agree with Tut that this doesn’t have a whole lot of utility, it is nice to have. But if you have them, would it be possible to post the totals under the Debit and Credit columns?

Off topic, but the same logic should also apply to Customer Statements

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