Total not show in journal entry

What version are you using, this was recently added
09 Sep 2019 Added debit & credit totals to journal entry view (see topic) 19.9.25


They also will not show if you are using a custom theme in which you did not include the totals.

If this is a real transaction, you are not using the program correctly. Transactions involving movement of money into and out of bank accounts cannot be entered with journal entries. You must use the Receipts & Payments tab. Therefore, it seems you have created your bank account as an ordinary account instead of a bank account. Consequently, you will miss all the features provided for bank accounts by the program. See

how can i upgrade to 19.9.25

You cannot. The latest version is 19.9.35. Update the same way you originally installed. Do not uninstall anything first. See or

thanks Tut for helping me .