Single Accounting Entry View

I have given this more thought and I really think that this view could be very useful indeed.

What if we were able to view each accounting document’s debits and credits by pressing a Ledger button next to the history here :point_down:

The view should give something like this:

General Ledger Entry
Credit Note 1040
Account Description Debit Credit
Sales Credit Note 1040 – 2017/05/16 – Lakkalikööri 522.000
Taxes payable #
Cost of sales #
Accounts receivable 2,721.000

Totals 2,721.000 2,721.000

That’d be very useful especially since many of the info provided by this :point_up_2: view like cost of sales isn’t readily available elsewhere without serious search effort.

Plus most other ERPs and accounting software have this feature. The report is usually but not always called a “Transaction Journal”.

I think it would be a nice addition to Manager.


I think this should be considered as an idea. maybe moving it to a seperate new topic would get more visibility. @lubos @Tut @Abeiku


Since we now have an investments tab (thanks @lubos :v:) we are probably going to have a couple of extra transactions tabs related to investments. And although I’m against additional transaction tabs that could be otherwise handled by Journal entries, but it’s going to happen anyway.

These tabs are probably going to need this feature for the sake of transparency especially since investment transactions are at least as complex as those of inventory if not more.

That’s why I’m reviving this thread.