Changing places of "Total Debits/Credits"

Hello Forum,

I notice that when I type in a description in a journal entry the “Totals debits and credits and Amount” show underneath the description table and If I don’t have a description the “Totals debits and credits and Amount” shows underneath the Debit Table unlike from the previous updates it shows only underneath the credit table regardless if there is a description or not.

Kindly help please because I was endorsing this system to my company so we could get a cloud version and they ask about this.

You are misunderstanding what the program does. The appearance of the totals has nothing to do with whether there is a description. It is controlled by the number of line items of each type. If you have one debit and one credit, no totals appear, because you don’t need them. The debit and credit are the totals.

If you have a journal entry with more than one debit or credit, then the totals appear. You might, for example record distribution of profit to 10 partners, with a single debit to Retained earnings, but 10 credits to various partners’ capital accounts. The program will give you totals. See

He is not asking about the totals. He is asking about the change of location of the totals depending on whether you put a description in or not based on the latest versions of Manager.

In previous versions, the location of the totals was in the same place - under the credit table regardless of description being present or not. In the current version, location of totals changes depending on whether you have a description or not.

Well, I am not sure what is being asked about, because a behavior is described that I cannot reproduce. With or without descriptions, as long as there is more than one debit or credit, the totals appear in the same place. The only change is whether the descriptions appear. Here is an example journal entry, with and without descriptions.

If fields are actually moving around on the transaction form, that is probably related to the problem several users with old versions of Windows and out of date .net software have reported. Update the .net software to fix that problem.

I suspect that one of three things are the problem. The .net version as you mentioned or he may be using a custom theme or is viewing on a small screen like an ipad and it messes the layout a bit. But I got the impression he was talking about the fields moving around on the transaction form, not the actual totals themselves.

We await your response, @Jasper_James_Awa-ao.