Total at location - Inventory Quantity by Location report

the Inventory Quantity by Location report only shows the individual total of each inventory item and not the total of all inventory items at a location.

@lubos would it be possible to show the totals at the bottom of the report?

irrespective of the individual inventory we would like to know the total quantity available at a particular location during stock check for cross-reference. at present we have to manually calculate this by adding the individual total of each inventory item. also, if same inventory items are shared between various locations we have to subtract the quantities at other locations.

i can understand that the UOM may differ for inventory items depending on the business. so this would need additional effort from a developer’s side to maybe group the inventory items by their UOM.



It will be nice and very easy for end user, showing totals at the bottom of the report.

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Added to the latest version (19.7.68)

One issue is that if you are mixing items of different unit of measurement, totals won’t make sense in those contexts. There will be eventually solution to it.


Thank you

thank you @lubos

is this possible to add “Location” Filter there?
Thank you.

i do not think a filter for location is necessary because Manager shows the total individually for all locations. that was the purpose of having the report.

for some user, we just want to show stock for specific location
i have warehouse and showroom
for showroom staff, we want to give access to only stock for showroom

What you are asking is not about report format or content. You are asking for different capabilities for user permissions. These are very different things. Controlling report content according to user permissions would be much more complex than just adding the ability to modify report parameters.

I just asked filter, I’m replying reasons who asked me why i need it
I didn’t asked to change permission here

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt - your request is already in the Ideas catergory:

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You seemed to be referring to permissions when you wrote the following:

If you want your showroom staff to only be able to access showroom stock, that would require a change to the program’s permission feature. That is why I answered the way I did.

If you are just asking that showroom staff have the option of obtaining a quantity report that includes showroom stock but not other locations, that is a different request that does not involve permissions and is covered by the Idea @Brucanna mentioned.