Filtering on inventory quantity by location report

is it possible to have filtering in the inventory quantity by location report, like base on codes, or group of items, this is to trim down inventory on hand reconciliation, most of the time, there are group of items that needs to be reconciled more often, e.g. im selling eggs, and it has sizes, like small, medium, large, extra large, jumbo, there are time in the store, my sales clerks, sells it not in their respective sizes, undersizing or oversizing it…making me most of the time reconciling it, it would be helpful if i could quickly look on the records or summary without printing all the summary of the items on hand.

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Why not just look in the Inventory Items tab for the quantity of the desired item? You can search and sort according to codes, item names, descriptions, custom field content, etc.

I am agree to have filter on “Inventory Quantity by Location report”.
We had 1000 + items, we don’t want to show cost to staff.
But they need to know qty on hand, so that if Manager can allow user to filter by location and item code or description will be very effective for user.

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, that is what the Inventory Quantity by Location report already does. Quantities for each item are divided by location. If you use item codes, those are shown. The report cannot filter by description because that field is not part of the report.

they can use report and use search Ctrl+F (windows) to find the item they need
so they dont have to scroll the list of 1000+ items just for looking if there is qty available

if they need to filter items for further reporting export to excel then filter there

i belive this there simple enough solutions

yes, thanks for your solution, I know that we can do that way
but it will not be convenience for all user
I just want to advise to improve Manager like other software