Inventory items not listed in Inventory Quantity by Location report

I have 176 inventory items from where 67 of it shows in Inventory quantity by location under reports and 109 of them are missing. Why doesn’t all of my inventory items appear in the report?

I suspect this is due to too many inventories or there could be something wrong?

Btw I am not a fan of how the report provides the stock info specially when you have too many inventories. These doesn’t fit in the screen and usually clumsy when you have 16 locations like me. I would like to request @lubos for a makeover for efficient and productive usage.

This is a bug. I can reproduce it, although with somewhat different results. In my case, my Northwind test company currently has 51 inventory items with quantities owned. The Inventory Quantity by Location report lists only 10 items. In another test company, there are 6 inventory items and all are displayed in the report.

It does not seem to matter whether the inventory items are in a designated location, unspecified location, or both. Nor does it matter whether quantities are positive or negative (backordered).

I am moving this to the bugs category.

Why do you expect all inventory items to show? Only inventory items with Qty on hand other than zero will show. So if you have inventory item which you don’t have on hand will be omitted from the report.

If you believe some inventory item is missing in the report, go to Inventory Items tab and verify Qty on hand for that item is not zero. If that’s the case, then it is a bug but I can’t reproduce it so I’m removing this from bugs from now.

I agree. The layout works very well if you have up to 5 inventory locations. More than that and the report is difficult to navigate. But this is issue with some other reports too (e.g. Capital Accounts Summary). I’m planning to offer two different layouts so you can get proper looking report regardless how many inventory locations you have. I still think current layout is good when you have only 2-3 inventory locations so I’m not going to remove it, it’s only about adding alternative layout if you have many inventory locations.

So that the report can be used for physical stocktakes or any other sort of management review.
Just because the inventory on hand is zero on a particular date doesn’t mean that the inventory item doesn’t exist as a stock able item.

Perhaps a “include zero inventory” tick box will allow a toggle between the two.