Filter Inventory Quantity Report by Location


I am starting to transition to the native inventory system of Manager instead of using location specific SKUs (inventory item codes). However, there is one problem that makes managing inventory difficult. I have 6 different locations, and the only way to view location specific inventory quantities is via the reports tab > inventory items > inventory quantities by location.

Could you please consider adding a new option when creating the report, to select which locations to show inventory for? If I could select only one location, the report would show what I currently have in stock at a specific location. This is useful when reconciling quantities with the physical warehouse count.

A second useful option would be the ability to view all historical movements of a specific inventory item in a specific location. This is useful if the warehouse count doesn’t match the inventory count. Being able to view all previous inventory movements for an item in a particular location makes finding counting errors (or mistakes) easier.

I am currently using location specific SKUs (inventory item codes) for this very reason. If there is a mismatch between the count at the warehouse and, I can use the inventory items tab and check all the movement of a specific item at a specific location using the qty to receive, qty on hand, qty to deliver, and qty owned lists. This has been useful in the past.

Please advise if more functionality is coming to make managing inventory at multiple locations easier using the native system built into manager.

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