The new Custom field does not appear in pasted data in spreadsheets

The New Custom field (with the show as a column tick box) does not appear in the pasted data in the spreadsheet. This makes it impossible to enter data into custom fields in batch operations.

Cant be found among the colums

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Why is this put into ideas, looks more like a bug?

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Have you entered a value into at least one customer?

perhaps the column only appears if there is at least one value

CustomFields2, they don’t appear in batch operations at the moment.

I hope this get addressed before phasing out classic custom fields.

Yes, I put lots of value.

and I think it’s not necessary to paste inactive custom fields in spreadsheets.

Everything you have defined will go into the spreadsheet. An inactive field is still in the record.

Bulk-edited invoices data with custom fields
2 Custom fields data type = Date were lost after bulk update
All other fields were updated but not date custom fields, which got removed from records.

Also, when bulk editing invoices in the verification screen no scroll bars to see all records edited after pasting from excel. I could see what would change in the first 10 columns, but no way to see what would happen with other columns, which are hidden out of the screen, and there was no way to scroll.

Another issue I tried to edit only 10 records out of 50, and it does not recognise them, even though record keys are present in these rows. The only way I could edit is to use all invoices rather than the subsection I wanted to bulk edit.


Fixed in the latest version (22.12.14)


Very Nice working and looks superb, :+1: