Batch Create-Sale Invoice Customer field missing

Dear Concern,

We are facing an issue while creating batch for sale invoices as customer filed is not appearing while we are pasting in excel. Kindly guide us in this regard.


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Have you tried manually entering your data then doing a batch update to see all the fields you need.

Dear Sir,

I have almost 2400 customers and more than 10000 Invoices for June 2023. It is impossible to enter or update manually, that’s why have asked for the guidance and help.


You can either:

  1. Manually type in the field name, or
  2. Create a single transaction manually and copy that using Copy to Clipboard from Batch update and you should get all the field names.

The second option is better since you will get no typos

Dear Sir,

When i copy from clipboard of sale invoices that includes customer tab, but while copying from batch create tab, customer filed disappears and unfortunately customer is not being tagged and his/her ledger is not being updated, as invoice has to be charged to particular customer.

Need your guidance.

@Ealfardan gave you good guidance. The batch update will give you all the fields but you have to delete the key field. You can then enter your data. However, as you noticed the customer field would require an existing customer key otherwise it will not fill that field. You can search the forum on how to get these customer keys.

That sounds like your spreadsheet is incorrectly edited

Remember, you can not use the customer name but must use the UID which is code like b76208eb-0a31-4406-8037-fc1e6a5685b0

Dear Sir,

Yes i used customer key instead of name or code.

Is this what you mean?

I Clicked on Batch Create and then Copy to Clipboard and pasted the result into Excel spreadsheet

It does seem to have no column for the Customer Code - is this a bug?

Is not a bug as it can not create customer keys. So the advise by @Ealfardan is to first create a batch update from a single entry, using the Batch update copy to clipboard function you copy and paste into the spreadsheet. You delete the entry and the last column (titled Key).

All fields will then be properly listed but you need to know the Customer UID to fill the customer field column. You copy and past this in a Batch Create action.


  1. enter a selection of representative transactions.

  2. Do a batch update to see the format details

  3. Create a batch create with your new understanding of the required formatting details

Note the reason for using this method is batch create accepts more fields than shown in the basic batch create template. With multiple lines many more fields can be used.

Using Excel is not ideal to batch create invoices if you have multiple line invoices. Because you will need to create 7 columns for each additional entry line and the whole thing can become a mess if you have 20 line invoices like me.

The batch create template does not include a column for the customer key

This column did exist in previous versions

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I guess it should have the customer field by default. This is an essential field for invoices.

I’m placing this is bugs, since all essential keys should be exposed at the start and any real estate preservation should be done by excluding non-essential fields.

Hi! We are having the same problem. Do we have a solution for that? Easier way of batch creating invoices with multiple entry lines?

There is a solution but it’s not easier because you would need programming skills to make use of the API.

Hi Safder,

First create Sales invoice manual with All the Filed which you want in all the invoice
then click on batch update . then click on copy data then paste it on excel

now you will find the all the field just copy all the header in next line and filled remaining order just ignore last colomn name “Key”

This does not work, as the create template does not recognise the customer column

@Joe91 the batch create does recognize the customer column. As mentioned you first need to use Batch update and remove the existing entries and the “Key” column which is the final one. You then enter the information. If you do not know the various UUIDs such as for the customer then you can leave these fields empty but note that they will then appear in Suspense and that you must edit the missing information.

Agreed but the create template does not have it

Update template does