Batch create/update with new custom fields

Dear @lubos, I just discovered new custom fields inside a transaction are not editable through batch create and update since they don’t show the values inside the column. Is it a bug?

Are those the line custom fields or all custom fields?

This issue also affects the new footers as I have described here:

I hope that this is just part of the transition to the new style features and that batch create and batch update will eventually work with the new paradigm


I would add that they don’t work anywhere in the program, not inside transactions alone. I tried creating a new business and using the new custom fields and I was not able to use batch create/update for my customers/suppliers list. All I get is a single column with some cells containing the text Manager.Model.CustomFields

As happened many times for Manager, deep changes never come to an end leaving existing features broken forever.

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I’m using the Cloud Edition and have recently implemented a custom number field for Inventory items and am experiencing the same issue. My existing custom fields (using the legacy method) have the correct values.
@lubos Can you have a look and let us know when a solution is available?
Thank you

My custom field (edit mode)

How it appears in my Excel Worksheet

I got this reply from my email to

You are correct. The New Custom field is a work in Progress. I suggest you use the Classic Custom Fields.

how to get key of customefield

The answer was already provided, it is a work in progress so you need to use the classic custom fields. Quoted from pist by @twodogzz above:

Sorry, I’m confused by this.

I have the following Classic Custom Fields:

Settings as per:

There is data in those columns for several existing customers.

But when I use Batch Create for Customers and copy to Excel I only get the following column headings:

How do I batch create customer data including the custom fields?

The Custom Field column headings do appear in the Batch Update export. Do I need to batch create the customers with just the basic fields, and then do a batch update with the custom fields? Or is there a simpler way?

This is currently the simplest way.

The issue with Batch Create is that there are potentially a lot of columns. Batch Update will show only columns that are actually used so that part is quite logical. Batch Create in current implementation will show some starting set of columns - not all the possible columns. But I’ll come up with something better at some point. For the time being, you can do combination of batch create and then batch update as you’ve suggested.