Custom fields appear as columns ~ Not Working


This feature is not working for me. I have tried it on the Customer tab and only one additional column is showing up correctly. And I tried it on the Sales Quotes tab and no additional columns are showing up. I am using the latest version 15.3.47. Please advise … thank you!


When you set up your custom fields under Settings > Custom Fields, did you check the boxes to have all your custom fields show as columns? You must do this for each field.


YES … I checked the boxes. I checked two columns under the Customer tab but only one is showing up correctly. And I checked one under the Sales Quotes tab, and it also is not showing up.


Sorry, then. I don’t know enough to help. This is one for @lubos, who I will invite to review this thread.


I think I have resolved my issue through trial and error. I tested it by creating a couple new fields and of course I also checked the boxes of these new fields … but none of the new fields are showing up until you actually enter new data. It appears to be working fine now. Again, the key is that the new field must had data entered or it will not appear as a column.


Good point. I should have remembered that. It’s a basic aspect of Manager: the structure for information appears when needed. For example, if you leave the default quantity of 1 in a sales invoice, the quantity column does not appear. But if you put a quantity into any of the line items, even if it is 1, the column shows up.


I tend to automatically hide columns, fields and other information if they have no purpose.

However in this case, if you explicitly opt to show custom field as a column, then Manager shouldn’t override that preference even if it’s not applicable in given context.

The latest version will therefore show custom field as a column even if there is no data.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the follow up!