The Manager on Windows always hang then auto force exit

The Manager desktop edition on Windows 10 always hang then auto force exit.
How to resolve it? Thanks

First thing first.

Make sure your Windows 10 copy has Internet Explorer 11


Update .net framework later than 4.7.2

Does it show dialog error?

your windows 10 is 32 bit?

Describe the circumstances more completely. “…always hang then auto force exit” gives nothing to base an answer on.


Thank you for your advise.

I will try to update the .net first.

The problem when I key in some transaction under payment, suddenly the program will hang, the mouse cursor also cannot click any button on that program. Then it will force exit after 5 second. I need to reopen it. I am facing this issue everyday.



This is more likely your own computer is having problems, not the manager itself.

As I said before, describe the circumstances completely. Does this occur when you select the Receipts & Payments tab? When you select New Payment? When you enter data? When you click Create? Exactly what triggers this?

Does the same thing happen when entering receipts? When editing existing payments?


Yes, is under receipts and payments tab. When I want to select new payment. Normally I will enter date-> reference number-> select 1st Account -> description -> 2nd account -> unit price.

When I want select the second account then will hang, I cannot click any button.



At the point when the program hangs, do you see any error message? If so, post a screen shot of it.