Software stop working suddenly

Hi All and Development Team,

You have build amazing accounting system. But after updating software recently , suddenly software is not working.

Whenever I click randomly, suddenly software stop working.

What edition, version number, operating system? Surely there is something you do that triggers this. Which tabs, transaction types, etc? Random clicks on what? Without more information, no one can help. Post screen shots of any error messages.

What os? if Windows, make sure you have latest .net framework (4.7.2) and IE 11. Minimum.

The manager Version is 19.1.37

Operating System Windows 10

Mostly it is occurring at RECEIPTS & PAYMENTS TABS

I will get like “Manager stopped working” and get two options

->Close the program

-> Wait for the program to respond

My business File Size is 14 MB

I have the same problem, only i don’t get a message, it’s stops when i’m booking something and then i have to resart my pc (or i ctr-alt-delete my pc). The problem with me is that this happen mostly when i make a invoice or when i book an invoice in.

I Have the Same Problem Please Assist Me