ManagerDesktop.exe is not responding


After i update my manager, something went wrong, please help me to fix this issue

Try Update latest .net framework.

What is the version of Manager Installer? If the problem persist. Most likely two issue, data corrupt. Can be tested by opening or creating other business file.

The register or path related to manager somehow is misconfigured by the system either due to Administrator Rights when installed. Else, I can’t think of other problem. Manager is very small program so it shouldn’t be hardware issue.

Backup All the Business Data and try to uninstall, Restart Computer and Install again.

First thing I’d try… is this happening on all businesses or just one specific business?

its all happening on all businesses sir, my co-worker didn’t encounter this issue, only me.

What do you mean when you say your coworker does not encounter the problem? Describe the circumstances. Are you both using the same installation?

my co-worker have his own laptop, we both updated our manager, and after updating, i encountered, this kind of error, saying my ManagerDesktop.exe is not responding.

Prior to update, i didn’t encounter any kind of error,

Are you both trying to access the same business data file?

No sir,

Then your colleague’s experience is not related to yours.

What should i do now sir?

If you are still looking at that notice, close the program. You won’t lose any data. Data is not stored in the program. Does the same thing happen when you relaunch?

Yes sir, still encountering the problem. I already reinstall but still same issues

do both of you updated the same version of manager?

If the Co-Worker still able to open the same data of what you have in your computer. Then the issue is your installation of manager.

Let’s Try Round away about. RUn ManagerServer.exe open browser. navigate to http://localhost:8080, Login Username, administrator, without password.

If you can use ManagerServer. use it temporary, while lubos figure it out the underlying issue.

Thanks sir.

Based on the screenshot, you are able to navigate the program to see an invoice before the crash. So I assume the program crashes when you do something (e.g. viewing invoice)?

Is there something specific you do right before the crash or is it completely random? If it’s random, how long since launch of the program the crash occurs? Within a few seconds? Within a few minutes?

@lubos, I think its a chrome browser… for some reason.

I’m also facing the same issue after updating manager from 18.14 to latest version the dekstop version is freezing after some time. Please help

Please provide more information. What operating system? Does any specific action trigger the problem? Whatever is happening, it is probably not the same issue as written about previously in this topic, because Manager has been updated dozens of times since then. And there never was a version 18.14.

Please indicate the actual version number you are using. “Latest” does not tell much, because the program advances rapidly. See Determine version number | Manager.