Manager Desktop Version Freezes in Windows 10

I am having trouble with the Manager Desktop application freezing. When I click on the View or the Edit button in any of the modules in Manager (including reports & custom reports) the application freezes & stays frozen. I have no recourse but to kill the Manager application.
I started noticing this with Version 18.11.01 (I think it was that version). I am running the Manager Desktop application on my PC with Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64. I have upgraded the Desktop version every couple of days since then up to the current version 18.11.14, hoping the problem would go away, but it hasn’t helped. I can load the application fine & can click on any of the drill-downs fine but the application freezes when I click on the View or the Edit button in any of the modules, including the Summary screen. I loaded the sample Northwind business but I have the same problem with it.

I downloaded the server version & it seemed to work OK. I could click on any of the View or Edit buttons with no problem (however there was virtually no data in the business so I don’t know if it was a good test). However, after I loaded the Server version, logged off & then tried to re-login, I now get the following error message “This site can’t be reached refused to connect.” I am using Google Chrome as the browser for the Manager Server version.

Manager is an excellent program & I’m hoping this issue can be quickly resolved.

I have a feeling this is the same issue as described in this topic:

When you get an error “This site can’t be reached refused to connect.”

Does server edition crashes? Or does it appear still running fine?

maybe related to firewall or something? the last time I remember someone had issue from linux os where lubos changed its port range from previous setting. Now windows?

Firewall would prevent Manager from working at all. This looks like something else.

@dmckain can you try using terminate chrome browser background process? There is another prossibility, disk writing i/o, cpu usage and ram. check with task manager when you run the manager both desktop and server edition. Might cause by other software or service hogging the resources.

I have tried several things to get Desktop Manager to work properly. As before, the application opens OK & I can choose a business & click on the drilldowns in any of the modules OK. I can open any module such as Sales Invoices, click the export button & am able to right-click & copy the screen contents to an Excel file. However, when I click the Edit or View button in any module Manager freezes & I have to kill the program in Task Manager. I can backup, add & remove businesses with no problem.
I checked the Net Framework version in Regedit.exe & it is 4.7.03056 (see screen shot below).

I uninstalled the Acronis True Image 9.0 Home, Macrium & McAfee True Key TSR applications & the Manager Desktop 18.11.20 version from my PC & rebooted the PC. Then I reinstalled Manager Desktop with 18.11.21 version & now Manager Desktop works fine.
Thanks for your help.

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i have same problem with my PC, i want to try the system but i can’t with (sample Northwind business)

i don’t want fill the system with no try i have a lot of entries

You do not have the same problem. This topic was about a version thousands of updates in the past.

You first need to be sure you installed correctly following the Guide for Windows. Then tell us exactly what you did and what happened.