The data entries keep missing from manager

I am using manager since january 2017 but now i’m having problems on my latest data keep missing from manager and didn’t automatically saved as usual after i closed it and open it back later. I have total of 661 journal enries, using desktop edition and version of 17.6.8

I have 2500 products…and have same problems…or products is missing or show me if i should buy more…and prices is disapear…actual cost and trade price.

What exactly is missing?

Daily transaction in journal entries

Just one?

All new transaction. It happened on last week

Is this happening continuously? Like you enter new transaction, close Manager, then open it and transaction is not there?


Is this happening on one specific business or all businesses? If you have just one business, create test business to see if this is something affecting all businesses or just one particular business.

Its happen to specific business. So is there any solution to my problem since I need to use the data?

Something to verify: On the Summary page, click the “Set Period” button. Under the Until of the date range, does it say “Today”?

Also, when looking at your Journal Entries, click on the column heading that says Date. Click it one or two times to re-sort your entries in ascending or descending order.

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I have try, but it still did’nt work. It comes back to normal when i extend the date (which is today).

@triplexlventure try to backup your business, then add it back using Add Business button and see if the added backup suffers from the same issue.

The added backup also suffers the same issues, unless i created a new business.

Any chance you could send me the backup file to

Ok, i will send through my email (private detail deleted)