Reports don't show entered transactions

I have entered a couple of months data and when I run a Trial Balance and a P&L a lot of the income entries are missing, I have checked that the catergories are correct and have been entered correctly, but they don’t show up on the reports, any ideas where the missing figures are? I have checked the dates selected and can’t find where the issue is.

Have a look at

Do you have opening balance module enabled under Settings, if so, what is your start date?

Thanks for your response, I have checked the start date and it’s correct, the missing transactions are 2 months after the start date.

I have the same problem . I have entered expenses and assigned it to a payer and to a tracking code (there are multiple transactions with the same tracking code and payer)

The transactions don’t show up under either the payers capital account or the P&L for the tracking code I have checked the date and the transactions show up in the expenses listing where you would expect based on date… This happens on more than one transaction.

I have deleted the transaction and re-entered it and it solved the problem in one instance but not all.

Any idea what the problem is.

It’s probably best if you send your accounting file to to determine the cause.

Thank you for your email Lubos, I’ve discovered that when I enter transactions they don’t automatically update in the reports, however once you reboot the computer the reports are updated and the transaction are reflected in the balances. Thank you for your help.

That’s definitely not true. You don’t have to reboot your computer for reports to be updated. Reports are recalculated from scratch every time you click on them to view them.

Hi Lubos, sorry, but thats defiantly how its working for me on my Mac. BTW, I love your program, its clean, easy to follow, reports are good. I have been using Sybiz Vision accounting software at work for over 20 years, and actually prefer to use your software. Thank you, its a great product. Sue

@Sue, I’m also a Mac user and definitely do not see this problem. I wonder if there is a misunderstanding of terminology in this thread. I believe @lubos is referring to reports generated under the Reports tab. Those are generated fresh each time you select one by clicking its View button. The fact that you see updated information after rebooting indicates that Manager stored your data after you clicked Create or Update for the transaction. So there is really no way to see an incorrect report as long as you view it as I just described.

However, if you navigate to a previously viewed report using the Back button, you will see the same version originally displayed. You might consider this to now be obsolete, but Manager functions like a web browser. All you have done is go back to a previous page. You are not viewing an updated report. To see the updated version, you must click its View button under the Reports tab.

By "reports, you may also be referring to the listings of transactions you see when navigating to a functional tab (those listed in the left navigation pane). If so, you may similarly see a listing that does not include the new transaction because you have browsed to an old display. Click on the tab title directly, and you will see the up-to-date listing.

Finally, do you mean rebooting the computer (shutting down and restarting) or just closing and reopening Manager? If you have to restart your machine to see good data, that could indicate really serious problems unrelated to Manager. If you only have to reopen the program, you are confirming that data was stored correctly. Restarting Manager clears the browsing history, eliminating any possibility of inadvertently navigating to an obsolete display.

I would be very interested to read your response in this forum. Thanks.

If one uses the back button AND re-displays the page (at least in the Server version), the report will update I believe.

Hi, the customer “unpaid invoices” under reports are not updated to include the latest receipts, even though when i view through customer invoices, it would show that an invoice has been paid and the balance is zero. however this invoice is still “outstanding” under reports. how i can get the report to update please?

What version number are you using, @Yogo? Can you please illustrate this with screen shots?

19.1.30 version

Update your software. There was a change that might affect this.

Sorry to be dim, but how do i upgrade? i can’t find the instructions on your website. do i install an entire new version or what? thanks very much

Yes. Without deleting the previous version.