All my expenses have disappeared

Ive just started a new company. entered in 3 weeks of trading with out any issues. Closed Manager when finished when I reopened it all of my expenses that I entered are totally gone. I am using desktop version. checked dates etc

On the surface this seems unbelievable, but we are dealing with computers.
However, when you open the business do any figures appear on the Summary tab, if so which ones ?

Also, on the Summary tab - Balance Sheet - Equity section - does an account called Suspense appear ?.

Thank you for your assistance. yes all the other figures seem to be there, just the expenses data is missing. The suspense account is not visible on the summary page.

OK so what dates have you got set up ?
Under Setting - Start Date have you set a date ? (only required if you are bringing in opening balances)
Under Summary tab - Set Period have you ticked “Show balances for specified period” ?

If yes, is the “From” dated prior to the date of the entered expenses ?


Yes I did have a set start date, which I have now removed.
i checked the set date and made sure it was in the correct time frame

The expenses were all after the start date.

While I had Manager open on my desktop, everything was working fine. The
problem only occurred once I quit manager and did a complete computer
restart. On reopening all the expenses were gone, even some of the Chart Of
Accounts changes I had made also disappeared.

I have since started to enter in all the data again, and everything seems
to be saving ok so far. I have quit and reopened many times and all is
working perfectly .

I truly appreciate your assistance.


Just one more thing, in the top right corner there is a button called “Backup” - use it regularly.


I did do a back up but couldnt get it to open or load. Got this error
pop up message box

The document “Just Candy STL.manager” could not be opened. Manager cannot
open files of this type.


You don’t open the file directly. It cannot be opened. It is a data file that is called by the program. You import the file as described in this Guide:

Also, your backup file name should include a date stamp
if not then you are running an old version of Manager - but before updating disclose your version here as depending on the version age other action maybe required first. Look under About Manager for version.

I am running Manager 16.4.41.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, the current version is 17.1.nn so you are at least 10 months out of dates and significant changes have been made over that time. You should be able to update from that version without any issues.

Thank you soooo very much for all your help. That would be about the time
I first started testing and playing around with Manager. Only now I am
ready to start using for a real live business. I will update immediately

Thank you once again, your support is amazing.