Data is disappearing

I am using the desk top version.
Random expenses data simply disappears from when I shut down Manager and reopen it again at a later date. If I import an older backup I can see all the data previously entered but has disappeared from the most recent working copy using search.

I now don’t trust that all the data I have previously entered will still be in the system, making my reporting inaccurate.

Will my only option to be to start all over again

The first thing to check is that you have your reporting period set through Today. See this Guide: Set reporting period | Manager. Are you certain you are clicking Create or Update? The program will not prompt you to save anything when closing, but everything is saved on a screen when you click one of those two buttons. Another thing to check is whether you have changed from accrual to cash basis accounting. See this Guide: Choose between accrual or cash basis accounting | Manager.

Also, be aware that when you import a backup, you are importing the entire business, all settings, etc., not just transactions that might be missing. So if the settings are different, you will see different things.

I am also concerned by your comment about “the most recent working copy.” Exactly what do you mean by a “working copy?” Are you entering data in a copy accessed directly rather than through the Businesses page? If so, you may be scattering your transactions through what are effectively separate businesses.

Finally, what search fails to turn up what you are looking for? The Search function only operates on data visible on a screen or, in the case of a screen that runs to multiple pages (like a lengthy customer list), on the hidden pages associated with the original screen. So, for example, if you have your reporting period set for January 1 through Today, but an expense transaction was last year, Search will not turn it up.