Journal entries lost

I have lost all my journal entries and I don’t know how.

How can i get them back?

It is almost impossible to suggest solutions when your problem description includes no details. Tell us what you last did before the journal entries disappeared. And tell us where they disappeared from. In other words, are you viewing the Journal Entries register? Are you looking at individual account registers that should have transactions you entered via a journal entry? Or are you looking somewhere else, such as in a report?

well on summary screen there is a column on the left side where you can see the number of sales invoices issued, number of customers, suppliers etc and also Journal entries. Next to these titles it shows the number of purchases, no of customers, number of invoices etc. For journal entries my total number was 146 but now it shows 0 and cannot see my journal entries.

I do not remember doing something wrong. I opened the programme and I couldn’t find my entries.
What can I do for that?
thanks in advance

Could it be that all journal entries have been really cash transactions posting to bank accounts or cash accounts? If so, you will find these entries under Bank accounts or Cash accounts tabs.

Hi there, indeed I found all entries under bank accounts, thanks a lot. In the past the entries where shown under Journal Entries tab that is why I was confused.

Once again thanks a lot!

Hi - We have experienced the same “loss of Journal Entries” on one of our companies.

We can cope with the conversion to “Payments” but where we have a real problem is that Payments do not have a “Notes” field. The person doing the books for that company was using “Journal Entries” to enable them to add comprehensive explanations for each entry. Unfortunately, we appear to have lost all of those notes.

Is there a way to recover the lost notes and attach them to the Payments that were formerly Journal entries?


You have pointed out one of the reasons I have advocated to revert to the ability to incorporate cash and bank transactions in journal entries. One never knows what a user may wish to do, and I’ve always felt that every transaction in Manager should be able to be reduced to a journal entry. @lubos says he used to have the same opinion, but has modified his thinking.

The real difficulties arise when a change to the system retrospectively changes transactions that were entered prior to the change. This is particularly unfortunate where the updated transaction does not contain the same fields as the original transaction. Perhaps, the automatic creation of custom fields in the updated transaction to hold the data from the fields lost from the original transaction would be helpful.

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The latest version (15.1.80) is adding “Notes” field to spend money and receive money transactions and will retrospectively retrieve “Notes” content from those converted journal entries where applicable so no information should be lost.

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Brilliant - Just upgraded and the results are exactly what we need.
Wonderful program… Wonderful support… Many thanks Lubos!