The claim that had a virus

Someone claimed on download site that had a virus, and advised that the program should not be downloaded. Here is the link:

Manager - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.

Has this issue been addressed?

Welcome to Manager. I can see that you just recently joined, so I assume that you are looking to trial out Manager and are naturally concerned about Manager.

I am an IT Company that started using this software about four months back and I am very pleased with this software. Click on my name and have a look at my posts, especially the feedback one and a couple of the earlier ones. In short, I find the program so easy to use and with a very good UI so the program is intuitive with a very low learning curve.

As an IT Technician I have seen various different legitimitate software being flagged up as potentially having a virus. With legitimate software in virtually all cases it usually is a false alert. Anti virus products are not 100% perfect - they somtimes get it wrong. The developer mentioned a few posts back that Manager periodically connects to the Internet for the purpose of letting him know how many active users there are. This may be the cause of the virus alert - although I suspect a firewall alert is more likely what happened than virus alert.

I would not base your opinion on the software by a single review of the program as people statistically very seldom post a positive review but are very quick to write a bad review when something goes wrong.

This program is very easy to use, has a simple modern looking gui and basically does almost everything that I want and the features that are lacking are coming in future releases. The program is updated almost weekly!

Here is my review of the software

and here is the developers response to a similar concern like yourself
[virus Alert][2]

By all means if you are concerned, upload the file to an online virus checker and see what they say and then perhaps the developer can respond to any false alerts. I do agree that it would be in the best interest of the program to prevent false alerts from occuring in the first place, however I believe that the issue is the fact that Manager contacts a website periodically to give the developer an idea of active number of users, but perhaps this process needs to be improved if anti virus scanners are picking up something that they should not be.

give the program a go and see what you think.
[2]: Norton 360 Deletes Manager.exe - #2 by dalacor

It looks like our CNET account has been compromised and someone has uploaded installer which is not ours. I don’t really check these things as CNET brings less than 1% of our downloads but still.

I have resubmitted our installer. I still don’t think someone else’s installer would contain any virus as CNET check for these things (they have that 100% virus free guarantee or similar) but 3rd-party software which we have no control over was definitely bundled.

To be safe, you can’t really trust download sites on the Internet even if it’s CNET. Always download software packages from official website of software vendor.

As for the negative review, there is nothing that can be done. CNET has a policy to never delete any reviews no matter what.

Hi dalacor,

Thanks for the very useful information you provided. Yes, I intend to try to product. From the initial research I did, the product seems to have the features I am looking for and the gui does seems quite modern and intuitive. Given the features that the program has, and considering that it has a Linux offering, I thought that there should have been more positive reviews. Thus, even though I am using Linux, I just want to be prudent to make sure that I am not installing a product that will put a rootkit on my machine.

Thanks again for your detailed and useful response.

Thanks for the response. I am glad to hear that in essence the post was a false alarm, because from the initial research I did, I do like your product offering.

Cnet is not a safe place to download. Use it at your own risk is something I have learned over the years.

I am new to manager and loving it! Needs a donate button to help keep you even more motivated lubos :smile:

I think that the reason there are no reviews on CNet, is because most people do not find Manager through Cnet but through word of mouth. I was recommended the program by someone on Spiceworks! I suspect that very few people find the program through CNet.

I generally don’t download from CNet and websites like that. Always go directly to the Manufacturer as there is always junk bundled with the CNet downloads - although I have not heard of viruses being included. Interesting.

You will find most of the positive reviews in this forum!

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