Norton 360 Deletes Manager.exe

I installed this and my antivirus Norton 360 promptly deleted it as a security risk.
I have since allowed manager to run, the firewall on my PC wants to block internet access as well to manager as it reports suspicious activity.

While I have allowed manager to run, its a bit of a concern.

Can anyone explain the why of this.


All anti virus programs have false alerts. None of them are 100% accurate. What you need to do is contact Norton and send them the manager files and ask them to update their software to remove this false alert. Or you could simply exclude manager from the scanning program.

I am interested in the fact that Manager wants to connect to the Internet. I cannot think of any reason why Manager would need to do this as it currently does not check for latest update, so not sure what it is doing. Interesting. Thats a question for the developer @lubos

Manager will try to connect every 10 minutes to a server but won’t send any data. For me, it’s mostly used to determine how many active users are out there. That’s the only number I get out of it which serves no purpose other than motivating me to work even harder.

In future, when Manager gets more mature, I might start collecting statistics about what functions of the program are most popular so I know where to dedicate more time.

Anyway, the latest version has under Preferences tab ability to opt-out. So I think this should settle the matter.

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Thanks for the reply lubos.

I had no doubt that Manager is safe and I allowed all connections as well as excluding it from Nortons scan,. False positives are a fact of life particularly with Symantec products. (FWIW I have given Norton the flick and swapped to Bitdefender. Much happier :smile: )
I was mildly concerned, more curious as to why Manager was connecting to the net,

I absolutely love Manager, Thank you.

I am happy that you got rid of Norton - As far as I am concerned Norton/Symantec is rubbish and I would never recommend them to anyone! I have heard positive things about Bitdefender, but I am happy with my Avira, but I think you are in good hands from what I hear.