Manager not working due to AVG saying a Threat

Hello, I didn’t realise that when AVG said there was a ‘threat’ with Manager and did I want AVG to deal with said threat, I didn’t know by saying yes (or clicking yes) that it would cause Manager not to work. Seems like the .exe file is missing or not working. I tried to reinstall the program but with no luck… asks to confirm authority to the file where the installation / repair needs to go. Should I uninstall Manager and reinstall will that fix the issue? I do backups in the event something happens. I hope that all my clients data is not lost and that someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance… :cry:

Your data file is held separately from the program. AVG has possibly blacklisted Manager. Go into AVG and see if you can select to have Manager listed as allowed. Then try to re-start or uninstall and re-install. If AVG asks the question again try and select allow

Thank you Brucanna, I will try that… and let you know if that fixes the problem.

Hello Brucanna, Thank you so much… I did as you said, went into AVG, unchecked Manager, reinstalled as a repair… and then this happened… Do you know if this IDP.ARES.Generic is okay… I’m concerned if ‘allowed’ I could be inviting trouble…

Sorry, this will require an answer by others

Thank Brucanna, you have been a great help… I am sure with all the knowledgable users, there will soon be an answer :slight_smile:

AVP is known to have problems with false-positive detections. It is entirely possible (and probable, if you downloaded your fresh copy of the Manager installer directly from over a secure connection onto a computer that you know to be malware free) that this is just a false-positive – a false alarm.

First and foremost, you (and @lubos) should file a false-positive report with AVG so they can fix the issue. Here’s the reporting form:

Please also read this AVG Forum page for some background:

All that said, you should be very circumspect about clicking Allow unless you are absolutely, positively certain that you have a pristine copy of the Manager installer. You can do that by asking @Lubos for the MD5/SHA checksum of the current installer and then comparing it to the checksum of the file you’ve downloaded by using an online checksum generator. The checksums should match exactly. Although we can be confident that the files on are clean (or at least as confident as any of us can be given that we trust @Lubos and his company), it is possible that if your computer is already infected, it could be redirecting your download requests to another, malicious site or inserting malicious code on the fly into anything you download. You can never be too careful.

Sorry I got to the question late, but it looks like the situation has been satisfactorily resolved. This is the one that that is annoying about anti virus programs - what they pick up as malware! Strange.

For the record to the OP, all that is happening is that AVG is detecting a pattern which it thinks is suspicous and this is flagging it up. It is not actually finding anything wrong per se, but it picks up a pattern that looks unusual.

I wonder if it is to do with the fact that the program connects to the Internet so that Lubos can see how many users are using Manager. I don’t know.

Hello Jon,
Thank you so so much… I will do as suggested. Yesterday, prior to all the shenanigans with Manager, I downloaded the latest version from the site. I have done this in the past with no issues. I had been using Manager for about half a day before the ‘so called threat’ arose… I know more today that I did yesterday that is for sure :slight_smile:@lubos how should ‘we’ check this or where do I find the information to say which version I have? :heart: Manager :heart:

I can assure you AVG doesn’t even know in what programming language Manager is written in. ManagerDesktop.exe is very simple .NET assembly which contains no more than 100 lines of code. There is no virus into those 100 lines of code.

Why is this happening to Manager more often than to other software? The main reason is that new versions of Manager are released several times a day. This means if there is false positive, it will be reported however by the time antivirus company will add that specific version of Manager to their white-list as false positive, there is already new version of Manager so it doesn’t really matter.

This issure for me has never happened before… all I did was update to the lastest version of Manager. In any case I’ve sent a request to AVG to review. What’s more, I’ve not had this message with any other software. Thank you just the same :slight_smile:

Oh that would make sense. I was wondering why Manager seemed to be disproportionately affected. Its not just the whitelisting, its because your program “mutates.” so it does have the appearance of a worm.

No I just wondering if it was to do with the Internet issue because another program called Centrastage which allows remote desktop connectivity also causes a false positive.

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