Text runs off Customer and Supplier Statements when descriptions are long

Just a minor issue, as you can see the text run past the “paper” on the screen (due to the long text). When printed to pdf is looks ok.

Path: Reports-Suppliers Statements-Transactions

this happens because the lines are not programmed to break to the next line.
you can use the Description field in a payment form to type in the details and leave the Reference field with only basic relevant data.

The reference field is automatically filled by importing a bankstatement. To change al of them would not be very convenient. But this problem is no issue for me at al i just wanted to mention it for improvement purposes.

The solution probably will be to define the table width.

I cannot reproduce this problem. The report is in fact programmed to wrap text in the Description field. On screen, the width of the white “paper” area, as you call it, should adjust as window width is changed (down to the minimum set in the report design):

When the window is widened, the report columns widen, too:

I should also comment that no one else has ever reported this exact problem.

there is some inconsistency here. i am on 17.12.6
i tried entering the exact description as you did and that resulted in a proper screen just like yours.

but when i remove the spaces between words i get the below

this was just an example. there maybe other situations too.

You are completely right that seems to be the problem. I’ve just added a space and it worked like it should. This would be nice if this could be solved so that you don’t have to correct them al manually.

I can reproduce the problem now. It seems to require text in the Description field longer than one and a half lines on the entry screen. Presumably, this corresponds to a default column width on the report. The problem also occurs for Customer Statement reports. I will put this into the Bugs category.

Fixed in the latest version (17.12.24)

Hi @lubos. I saw that the white background (table) now is scaling according to the text length. When creating a pdf the text is broken of en continued on the next line. I don’t want to be nitpicking but for consistency the better solution, i think, would be to have a fixed width on the screen and break of the lines just like the pdf generator does.

I don’t see it that way. When viewing something on the screen, Manager should attempt to take advantage of screen estate if available.

If you have a wide-screen monitor, you might generate comparative report spanning 12 periods or even more. You’d never attempt to print it on the paper but it’s still useful to see it on the screen. Manager shouldn’t stop you from utilizing screen estate just because it wouldn’t fit on the paper.

You are right this is a better way