"description" printing Inconsistent and bad looking "urgent plz"

we use 22.7.5 cloud live version
plz advice for the following printing or saving pdf problem :

this the display before saving or printing

and this how it look like we we tried to save it as PDF

as you can see , The space for “Description” is very narrow and inconsistent as it was before the last update.

yes this issue is faced by me also. seems additional columns are added as Tax rate and Tax amount so it does not fit in A4 paper while printing. Requesting the Admin to plug in an option for user which fields should be visible while printing. The surprising thing is that though the same fields are available in invoice also, invoice print comes with out tax rate and tax amount. it needs a quick fix please.

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@lubos please help!

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This is mostly due to the inability of the internal PDF generator – a legacy feature – to handle this many columns.

The additional columns seems to be a hot topic at the moment, so no one is really sure how these are going to be handled.

You can refer to this topic for discussion on that matter:

Your best option is to use the Print button.

@lubos please help , the management are annoying they can’t send any Quotation to there customers because of the bad looking for the outcomes printing ,
they asking for standard saved print-out docs , using PDF LEGACY standard like before…

You should update your software, or restart your server if using the cloud edition. This same issue has been addressed in several threads in recent days, with information scattered through them.

You also need to understand that there is no “PDF LEGACY standard.” The legacy PDF feature may or may not work for you. But it is no longer supported by the developer.

It was very important option

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We have same problem the print out is arranged it became strange

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When we adopted & adviced Manager to our business , the idea was Manager is easy to use by nonaccountat , and the ability to download pdf copy of anything by just one click was one of that very good simple features .

Now how we can convey our business that Manager still easy? Without this features ?

I hope the developer will find the solution for this., please keep it easy