Description field on Sales Invoice to be fully viewable on screen


Hi @lubos

I have a request that the Description filed on the Sales invoice be fully viewable when looking at the Sales Invoice Screen .

At present if you clone an Invoice and change details (if required) the end of the description field can often only be seen by scrolling to the right ( in this business the month of a recurring invoice is always at the end of the Description is one example of why the field should be seen in full.
At present it is too easy to not remember you have changed everything else and not the description field and so the new invoice can have an error in wording and create confusion ( apart from being very embarrassing ).

Is it possible to have this field be made to show in full? and possibly this is true for all types of forms eg purchases, quotes etc?
I know it is a take more care type of thing , but would be very helpful if this small change could be done.

Thank you in advance


It sounds like you are using a reasonably small screen resolution. Could you post a screenshot?

My recommendation, if you are using Cloud or Server Edition, is to try zooming out. Use Ctrl+minus / Cmd+minus (Windows / macOS) while viewing a web page to zoom out.


@hayz, please confirm that you are referring to the summary-level Description field just below the billing address. The line-item Description fields already expand to show their full content.


Hi Tut

Just as way of clarification, it is only on the screen the field is too small or needs to wrap because once it is viewed you can see it as the field expands on the printed copy to full page width but at time of creating the document , the summary field can hide most of the description and that is the part I am asking if could be changed , as there is always risk you will not see you need to change something in the summary description before sending the Invoice to customer when using the clone invoice option.


I put this into the ideas category.


I’m still not sure what is this about. @hayz, can you post the screenshot to demonstrate the issue?


Simple: the summary-level Description field on transaction forms doesn’t wrap text and expand. Instead, you have to scroll within the field to see all text once it exceeds the default width.


Hi Tut

yes that is exactly why I have asked if it could be expanded or wrap on screen for reasons explained on the first post .


Thank you for making it simpler to grasp the reason for request , it just seems a very useful and helpful idea if descriptions always exceed the default width, mostly when cloning invoice is where the need is highlighted to see everything in that field as you can end up with a wrong descripton say December when it is now for January period for example ( see original post ).

Much appreciated for looking at this request