Column width change on the sales invoices

I have problems with column space usage when making PDF when creating sales

Before making PDF it looks goods, but after getting PDF, the columns changes its width and looks uses extra spaces for nothing.
please look at 2 photos:

Search the forum before starting new topics. This subject has been discussed many, many times. In summary, Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. The screen view and PDF are generated by different rendering engines.

It also looks like your biggest issue probably is with your unit of measure column. It appears you are using a line item custom field for this. There is no need. If you define the unit of measure when creating inventory items, it will appear in the quantity column for each different unit of measure. If all units of measure on the transaction are the same, the Qty heading will be replaced with the unit of measure.

since the pdf generator is part of Manager program it is an issue that needs to be fixed.
looks like the present design is to equally allocate column width for the Description and Line Custom Fields. instead @lubos can fix this by wrapping contents of Line Custom Fields first not exceeding a fixed width and allocating the remaining space for Description.


I concur with this. I have had the same problem where I have one word in a column ten miles wide and another column that is only three words long in width creating several lines as a result. While the pdf generator is not a WYSIWYG generator the fact is there are many columns that create similar results to the picture above. I have a warranty column as a custom field in inventory items that I can’t use on printed documents for the same reason as above - it looks the like the UOM field shown in example.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved one day by allowing users to set column widths explicitly or dynamically based on content or something

You could try using a different PDF renderer - for example the Microsoft Print to PDF and selecting that as your printer if you are using Windows

I am not saying the result will be what you want but it might be better

You need to use Manager’s PDF renderer if you want custom themes to work correctly. I used to use Nitro PDF Printer but when I started using Custom Themes I found issues especially when I needed to print an invoice etc.

Not necessarily. You can create custom themes used only for specific printer drivers or PDF generators. I use one custom theme for PDFs and a different one for direct printing (which also allows generating PDFs through the printer driver). In my case, the only difference is in padding used to generate consistent margins, because the operating system’s printer driver follows its own rules on margins (presumably to avoid bleeding over the edge).

So, is there a way to alter the column widths on reports? It seems like themes don’t affect reports.

The only reports governed by themes are Customer/Supplier Statement reports. If you don’t like the layout of other reports, export them to spreadsheets and modify their format there.