Customer Statement reports are not WYSIWYG

When printing Customer Statements, the result is not quite WYSIWYG. This is the case whether the report is printed directly to a printer, directly to a PDF driver, or sent through the in-built email/PDF feature.

Here is how my statement appears on the screen in Manager:

Here is how the same statement appears when it is printed or emailed. Note both the different column widths (necessitating a messy line-break in the Description column) and the smaller font size for the customer’s name and address than for all other text (9-point instead of 10-point).

Most reports/invoices/statements in Manager are like this due the combination of minimum column widths in some cases, allowed or disallowed text wrapping in others, and autoscaling of various fields. Plus, there is automatic close-up of space in many instances. I’m not defending, only explaining. Text size certainly ought to be consistent, though, and in most cases could be smaller than what is currently used. But that issue has been raised before.

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