Terms & Conditions

Hi Can anyone answer my question please

I have read the entries in the forum regarding terms and conditions, no of which appear to solve my problem, however the note field has helped me put factoring terms on the invoice.

My question is am I able to alter the theme to add another page which could be a full a4 page of terms and conditions printed as the second page (page 2) printed on the back of the invoice on a double sided capable printer. If so how would I go about it. I amusing the cloud edition

Regards & thanks in anticipation


You could code that. Whether the Manager PDF generator would support all the necessary code is another question. It does not support all Liquid or HTML/CSS functionality. The code is well beyond the scope of this forum.

You could just preprint the Terms side of the page - text document - and load into the printer.
Then Manager only needs to print the Invoice side.

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You could always save the default pdf from Manager and use another application to add (or merge) the terms and conditions pdf to it.

Such as http://www.pdfsam.org/download-pdfsam-basic/

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Thanks for all your help, I think that I have got it sorted now.