Purchase Order Template Page 2

Dear Sir,

We would like to print terms and conditions on a page 2 of my Purchase order.
On my purchase order I have Various terms and conditions like
Termination clause, Payment Clause and all this cannot be covered in notes. When I print its broken half into the first page and half into the 2nd page.

I would like to know how to control printing custom fields onto a 2nd page using themes
I tried adding below. But same did work.



This is not a coding forum. If you don’t have the skills personally, hire a local programmer.

Hi There

We are also stuck with this. We have Terms and Conditions that we need to add to the Purchase Order but we are unable to do it as we are not sure how to print it on Page 2 of the Purchase Order. Therefore currently we are sending it as a document along with the generated purchase order. It would be nice to be able to include Terms and Conditions while issuing a Purchase Order.