Is it possible to include Terms and Conditions to a offer?

I need to add 2 pages of Terms and Conditions to my offers.
Now, I make my offer in Manager, and ‘paste’ the Terms and Conditions in a different program to the offer, make it to one PDF and then, mail it to the costumer.

The Terms and Conditions are to big to use the ‘notes’.

I am having a similar problem in that my notes for installations starts on the first page where the quote is and ends up spanning two pages. So I was thinking that I would have to do what you are doing.

I wonder if @lubos would be interested in changing the way the notes works so that it starts by default on the second page if if there is not enough room on the first page.

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@lubos - this is a great package, thanks for all your hard work!

I’d like to second Aror’s request for being able to add Terms and Conditions to quotations/offers, if you ever have a chance.

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how to add pages of Terms and Conditions in Sales Invoices

Use custom fields and form defaults. Read about them in the Guides.