Alternative Invoice format

Is it possible to have or create a second invoice template with the same data but a different heading?

Ian Clegg

Create a second custom theme.

My theory was to have a second invoice (really a Delivery Note ) with prices displayed on it. which is what I really need.


Well, I don’t know why you would want a delivery note to have prices on it. Most businesses (in fact, every business I can think of) specifically does not want prices on its packing lists or delivery notes, because management does not want warehouse personnel to see financial information. What you ask for is the information on a sales invoice. So why don’t you just send a copy of the sales invoice?

Regardless of what you want, you can create a document with the same content as a sales invoice and label it as a delivery note by following this Guide:

Make sure you are only using the capability to generate additional copies, though. If you create new sales invoices, you will affect your revenue and inventory accounts despite the new title. Delivery notes, on the other hand, do not affect revenue. They are only informational.

Hi Tut

After a lot of thought, we have decided to go back to the original theme with no changes.

In the notes field I have the following code for the receiver to sign and a box to print the receivers name

After I update the default notes field as I have done many times my resulting print has the Signature box missing, the example is below.

Only the name box is showing, I have done the same exercise in my test system and eveerything is ok.

Can you spot my mistake please

Any help would be appreciated


I’m not a coder. But something looks wrong with the section of code about checking details, simply because it has rendered differently from the rest of the code. Tough to tell when looking at an image.

Have you tried actually copying and pasting the code that works from your test business?

I did copy & paste it, but cannot see the issue


Problem fixed, must have made some error in the pasteing of the code

thanks for the help