Custom fields in invoice (individual for each customer)


I need to add Terms and Conditions on each invoice and they are different for each customer.

Generally, I can add custom field:

" So you create a custom field for sales invoices, labelled Terms and Conditions . In it, you enter the following default text:

<span style="font-size: 8px; color: #999999">Payment is due upon presentation of invoice.</span>"

However, it is common for all customers.

How to assign custom field to individual customer?

It is not really convenient to add Terms and Conditions (can take couple of pages) using html format (copy paste doesn’t keep formatting). Is there a way to use text editor (notepad++ for example) to simplify editing?


add a custom field for Customers instead of Sales Invoices and it will appear when the relevant customer is selected on invoice.

How to assign custom field to Customer ? I don’t see that option. It doesn’t offer to choose specific customer for new entry.

you do not assign them, you create a custom field for Customers just like you created for Sales Invoices.
then edit each customer in the Customers tab and enter the necessary terms for every customer individually.

I see. Thanks.

How about better way to enter couple of pages into that field?

create the custom field as Paragraph type instead of Single line text.
please read the guides section as these are already explained clearly.

Not really.

I want to place Terms and conditions on the next page. Or, I want to place custom field on the specific position on the invoice or other form.

For example: Position controls the order in which custom fields appear. Enter a number, if desired.
I wouldn’t call it as a clear explanation as it has nothing to do with the actual custom field position on the form.

Anyways, how to place custom field on the next page?

If I add

before my Terms it does nothing.

If I add before my Terms <P style="page-break-before: always"> it does nothing.

There is also a Guide about changing the position of custom fields. Doing so requires a custom theme. You are straying far beyond accounting into the realm of document design programming. That is not the purpose of this forum.

I agree, however the first document sent to customer requires " document design programming". Which means start point is to design your documents and after that start to work with accounting. Just my 5 cents.

Thanks for pointing on custom theme. Will take a look.

You can run a business perfectly well without any programming. There is nothing wrong or unprofessional about the default design. Fancier documents are not why customers will buy from you.

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Yes and no.
My insurance company wants to see Terms and conditions on every invoice. My Small Claim Court will take Terms and Conditions on invoices as a contract obligation. Without that, good luck to get money on unpaid invoices.
Document formatting represents your company, your business. I do care about my business.

All those things can be included and are distinct from preferences about layout.

Do you intend to add a two pages of terms and conditions to every invoice ?

Very true

There is also the alternative of creating a PDF and adding a page of contract terms from a different PDF.